2016-17 Shuffleboard season, the West Coast District passed a motion to have a WCD "WALL OF FAME."  CSC also voted to give the WCD an area of wall to honor our District's finest. To qualify for the WoF, you need to accumulate 200 points in tournaments held in our District.
The first to qualify for the Wall of Fame is Geoff Bell last year. His picture will be the first to be hung up of the WoF.  Steve Raimondi became the 2nd person to qualify for the WoF. The West Coast District congratulates both Geoff and Steve on this terrific accomplishment. The WCD is extremely proud to have these two outstanding shufflers gracing the wall of Clearwater Shuffleboard Club on our new WoF! AMENDMENT, Rosaire has made it #3 & Arlene made it #4! (bottom pix) Congrat's to all!!!
WCD President Jan Cote awarding Certificates of Achievement's.

Geoff Bell was first to make WCD's Wall of Fame (above).
Steve Raimondi was second (below).
Rosaire Cote has become the 3rd shuffler to qualify for WCD's Wall of Fame (pix below)
Arlene Guerrini has become the 4th shuffler to quality for WCD's Wall of Fame  (pix below)
Glen Peltier & Mary Eldridge (pix below) are awarded Honorary Wall of Fame Status due their tremendous contributions to our West Coast District.  Both are "Hall of Fame" members as well!



Pinellas County Florida, which is a part of the Tampa Bay area, is extremely blessed to have two of the most historical shuffleboard clubs in North America, St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club and Clearwater Shuffleboard Club.   If you live in the Tampa Bay area or are just visiting, it behooves you to visit one or both of these historical, beautiful clubs. Pinellas Park Senior Center is a wonderfully modern senior center with superb shuffleboard facilities also. These three awesome shuffleboard facilities are among the best in the world!


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