Due to the seriousness of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) The FSA Board voted to immediately suspend the rest of the FSA 2019-2020 Shuffleboard Season. 

Effective Immediately all FSA State and District Tournaments will be suspended until October 01, 2020. 

This was a difficult decision but in the best interests for all the FSA Members, their health and well being is more important than finishing out the last three (3) tournaments. 

I want to encourage all of our members to take the Corona Virus Disease very serious and take every precaution to not only protect yourself but your whole family. 

To those who will be traveling home soon, I wish you all a safe return and a healthy summer and look forward to your return and seeing and you next season. 

Thank you for your understanding 

            David P Kudro  FSA President

Below have obtained 200 or more West Coast District points and are honored by making our WALL OF FAME.  We congratulate all of them as they are specially talented shufflers along with our 
Public Relations people that have worked hard promoting WCD shuffleboard!  Awards are presented by WCD Pres. Jan Cote, Steve Raimondi (new pres.), or WCD Secretary/Keeper of Records,  Betty Bober
                  From left to right in order:  (click on pictures to enlarge)
                            S = Player
                            P = Promoter                

                                               Geoff Bell S - Steve Raimondi S
                                               Rosaire Cote S - Arlene Guerrini S
                                               Barb Henson P - Mickey Henson S
                                               Bob Guerrini  S - Glen Peltier S
                                               Mary Eldridge S - Tom Feeley S
                                                Ron Prevost P - Ellie Prevost P
                                                Betty Bober P - Stan Bober P
                                                Frank Niziolek S

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