Jim Schlie has started an additional Clearwater website that may feature a Membership Directory, Latest CSC info, etc..     
To Visit Jim's new website
Jim Schlie President
Nellie Daum 1st Vice Pres.           Job Halfyard  Director
nell1955_@hotmail.com               judyhalfyard@gmail.com
Danny Czapiewski 2nd V.P.          Don Winkleblech Director
dannychapp1947@gmail.com      poppywnk@yahoo.com
Martin Shapiro Secretary            Pam Hill Director               
e-mail withheld                             cruise.lover@hotmail.com
Sharon Desjardins Treasurer      John Mazur Director
mrsdj37@yahoo.com                   jsmazur@gmail.com

Clearwater Shuffleboard Club

1020 Calumet St.

Clearwater, Florida

Phone: 727-446-3306  

 CSC President Kathy Brennan is National Hall of Fame Curator located at Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. Kathy has also taken charge of the ISA Hall of Fame Curator located also at Clearwater Shuffleboard Club.

As I understand, Pam Hill will assist Kathy when available. Correct me if I'm wrong. sbbober@gmail.com

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